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x.【 contradictory misanthropist 】

♦ Bianca • 12.08 • INFP • USA ♦

about me / rp rules + waiting list / friends + idols

I take comfort in writing, forensics, japanese popculture, video games and junk food. I'm very tired, cynical and sarcastic most of the time, so befriend me at your own risk. I also have a serious distrust in most people...

Oh, I also have an undying love for the Teen Titans cartoon. RobRae is my OTP but I also pair Raven with my grump babe fancharacter, Gabriel, just because. :blushes:

*Please don't bother watching me unless you're serious about it. My updates aren't as frequent as most people's on here, so don't expect much from me.

*Please don't call me by my real name, call me whatever suits your fancy... unless it's offensive.

*Please don't ask for points, watches or back-watches. I don't mind you thanking me for watching
you, faves or llamas, though.

x. 【 truth, justice, and pizza 】

☆★ Fave Titans (plus Terra, in order) ☆★

1.) Raven Stamp by SunnStamp 2.) Starfire Stamp by Allendra3 3.) Terra stamp by Numbuh9
4.) Cyborg Stamp by Allendra3 5.) Robin Stamp by Allendra3 6.) Beast Boy Stamp by SkyeStamps

☆★ Other Fave Characters ☆★

Red X Stamp by ice-firejinx by colorfusionableKyd Wykkyd stamp by ichadoggiTeen Titans Rorek Stamp by faolan15Kid Flash Stamp by TuxedoMoroboshiJericho by RoojiiMas Y Menos Stamp by luckykonata247Herald Stamp by supidiThunder and Lightning Stamp by Addicted-SquaredTeen Titans Aqualad Stamp by faolan15Teen Titans GO! Stamp by RetroOwlRaven (TTGO!) stamp by migueruchanStarfire (TTGO!) stamp by migueruchan

☆★ Fave Canon Ships ☆★

BBTerra Stamp by AskSkyRobStar by AskSkyCyRae Stamp by AskSkyRobRae Stamp by neopuffStarfire/Red X stamp by The-RedXCyborg x Sarah Simms Stamp by TuxedoMoroboshiFlinx Stamp [[Replacement]] by falseDemigodCyborg BumbleBee stamp by SatoharuDaikari

Other Raven ships
• Starfire x Raven
• Kyd Wykkyd x Raven
• Kid Flash x Raven
• Speedy x Raven
• Rorek x Raven
• Malchior x Raven
• Jericho x Raven
• Aqualad x Raven
• Red-X x Raven
• Terra x Raven
• Jinx x Raven
Other Ships
• Speedy x Aqualad
• Speedy x Cheshire
• Cyborg x Sarasim
• Cyborg x Jinx
• Hotspot x Argent
• Thunder x Argent
• Jericho x Kole
• Red-X x Blackfire
☆★ Fave OCxCanon Ships ☆★

Firanna x BB Stamp by Catt-NightingaleZappsxBeast Boy Stamp by xXAmaya-himeXxStamp. by VoodookandyNightFe stamp by zerostatesSTAMP: MagEk by KestrelPhantomWitch

Other pairs I support
• Starfire x Aura Blaze - OCxCanon ship by AuranianTitan
• Nuriyah x HotSpot - OCxCanon ship by Yoruhoshi
• Speedy x Phantom - OCxCanon ship by Valraevn
• Speedy x Casdi - OCxCanon ship by Sparvely
• Aura x Aqualad - OCxCanon ship by TheNerdWhoSaysNI
• Rorek x Skuld - OCxCanon ship by FragmentedDetective
• Raven x Draco - OCxCanon ship by Barricade379
• Kyd Wykkyd x Onyx - OCxCanon ship by dragon-fluff

☆★ Anti-Ships ☆★
• Slade x Robin
• Slade x Raven
• Beast Boy x Raven
• Jason x Aquos - OCxCanon ship by LordVaderNihilus
• Raven x Quickwing - OCxCanon ship by KiteBoy1

x. 【 grump wolf babe 】

「 l o n e w o l f 」


SPC_The spell you got on me by DatOneCrayCrayArtist
▲ drawn by DatOneCrayCrayArtist

“A man might befriend a wolf, even break a wolf, but no man could truly tame a wolf.”

Arrow left by Drawn-MarioCharacter IndexArrow right by Drawn-Mario
>> Profile || Species || Fanfiction (hiatus) || Tropes <<

*Gabriel is NOT your personal RP character, nor is he to be used without my permission.

*You have permission to draw him, no need to ask. Just let me know so I can lavish you with love <3.

x. 【 songs for my page 】

Angels Fall - Breaking Benjamin

white inverted cross page divider by cacw

Fight Inside - Red

white inverted cross page divider by cacw

My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark - Fall Out Boy

x. 【 my powers are driven by emotion. 】


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x. 【 a little something extra 】

♦ Stamps ♦

Sagittarius Stamp by mylastelTeen Titans by SkaianAngelStamp -TT- RobRae 01 by PJXD23teeth stamp by plantbonesStamp_Trashy trashy by Chivi-chivikStampityI Tried Stamp by JustYoungHeroeswolves by FolkweNero by blutasticDante Love Stamp by Silent-DownPourDTB stamp by AzuraLineCasshern Sins Stamp by rocketdoqCloudy Weather by ReimuHakurei2|Bleach|Ichigo Kurosaki by ladyscouthorn love stamp by DelfimStamp: Tool of Satan by 8manderz8

x. 【 the gem 】

x. 【 grump love 】

「 a s p e c i a l k i n d o f l o v e 」


TT: BirdHound by YoruhoshiHoIIowdante Commission by dragon-fluffWiccan ft Raven and Hecate by SleepyWiredStudiosRequest_HaIIowDante by LovelyMapleRaven vs Wiccan (Request) by Razgriz23(30) by Apple-Snow

Rachel :iconpurplekokorox: Gabriel

▲ drawn by LovelyMaple, Yoruhoshi, dragon-fluff, SleepyWiredStudios, Razgriz23, Apple-Snow

Canon X OC Pairings by Sparkleee-SprinkleFancharacters by DracosDerpyHoofFan Character Stamp by queen-of-pie

x. 【 blue rose babe 】

Light Blue Rose Bullet by JEricaMLight Blue Rose Bullet by JEricaMLight Blue Rose Bullet by JEricaM
Devil May Cry .Stamp. by MidePanNero .Stamp. by MidePanDevil May Cry .Stamp. by MidePan
Light Blue Rose Bullet by JEricaMLight Blue Rose Bullet by JEricaMLight Blue Rose Bullet by JEricaM

x. 【 outro 】

Thanks for visiting!


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